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The 5th baptism of GG church of Zambia

about 15 people got baptized.

Carol and Barbara

Lorraine, Julie and Poema

October Newsletter

Baptism Picture

Sunday Morning Service

Poema enjoying zambian music

Trying to occupying the girls during the message:)

Team Dinner

Muli Bwanji (“Hello” in Zambian Local Language).It is so great to be writing you from Lusaka.It seems like it was only 2 weeks ago that we were in Baltimore. Oh wait, it was only 2 weeks ago.God has really done wonderful things for our family in order for us to be here.Currently we are staying with Pr. Renaldo & Family until we find a place of our own.We jumped right back into the missions schedule of “full time” ministry with the bonus of our 2 daughters in the mix now. They are adjusting well and feeling at home at the church here.They are very free with everyone.Callia is quick to make friends; in fact, anyone she meets she says they are her “best friend”.We just had our 5th baptism which always stirs us up as we see church members declaring to everyone their faith in Christ.We are preparing to welcome a group of guests coming for Pr Scibelli’s semi…