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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Children Christmas Play

Writing to you this month has 2 great losses as we go into Christmas, but two greatgains for Heaven. Mike Kalako who was one of our first Bible school students. The past year he had a Job like experience going through great ailments. In spite of it all, Mike would come to classes very weak but enduring. He never had a word of complaint, but always exhibited faith. After being in a coma for a few days, miraculously  came out of it. He had been recovering for a few days and then went home to be with the Lord. Maybe God gave him just enough time to spend with his family before he was taken home. We will miss our great friend and student. He was a great testimony of being positive in suffering.

The other sad news is that Pr Jabulani Zwane's wife passed away after experiencing a seizure. We are all in a state of shock as many of us in the church just saw her at the last conference. Please pray for Pr Jabulani and his family. That God would grant overwhelming comfort…

Treats and more treats...

Two of the major ministries we do in missions are Visitation and Evangelism, which are really two of the major pillars in church planting. While they are so effective in receiving and retaining new visitors, they are met with intense opposition from our own self life and the other kingdom.
A great example of these two ministries is our church member named Maria. On Saturdays we take half of our Bible school students and fan out over the entire our community. As a group of students and I was walking through the community we ran into a group of ladies. We asked them if they were Christians to which they replied yes, then we asked them if they went to church. One of the ladies honestly said she hadn’t been to church in 3 years. Lovingly we explained to her the importance of church fellowship in her life and invited her to our church. Amazingly, the next day she came and put up her hand for salvation. You could see on her face that she had been touched. It was incredible to see how all the…

Malawi Time

It’s so hard to believe that we are beginning our 4th year of being in Malawi, but we are back on African soil God is faithful as usual. I am so thankful for our family, the fact of their adjustment from America to Malawi is a miracle in itself. It’s basically 2 days of travel to get here: 8 hours to Paris, another 8 to Nairobi, a surprise stopover in Zimbabwe to pick up people, and finally arrival in Lilongwe at 1:30am. The great thing about getting to the airport  in the middle of the night is that everyone is tired, even the immigration officer. I was able to talk the immigration officer to giving my son a free visa since he was not included on our work permit yet. I said please help the people of God…you can still do that in Africa without offending people…and he had mercy on us. After the whirlwind trip, we began the reinsertion into Malawian life (which really is the more sensible way of living- as our Malawian brethren would say). The day begins at 5:30am when the sun comes up w…

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Year of 2nds

Year of 2nds As we begin our journey back to Baltimore we are thankful at what God has done over the past year. - Birth and health of our new son. Noah was born in October and we returned with the whole family in November. To think that a 1month old could travel over 5000 miles is a miracle. Praise be to God that he and our family have our health. We don't take for granted God's covering. - Our 2nd Baptism. We had 18 baptisms of church members in December along with a church picnic and volleyball. Just a simple thing like volleyball with people who love God and walk in the Spirit can be such a uniting experience. - 2nd Marriage of a key leader. Around Christmas we did our 2nd wedding in the church. It was so beautiful and such a help to this couple which is a key part in our men's and women's discipleship. - Move into our new location. As a church and Bible College we have always struggled to fit everyone in the premises we have rented, often having students looking in from…

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1986-2016 - 30 years in Africa The churches of Southern Africa came together to recognize and honor Pastor Scibelli for serving 30 years in Africa. 

    Bible College Graduation- 70 students graduated from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Team Malawi in Zambia