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Blessings of Fellowship

Hello from your family across the pond or for those in this hemisphere, a little farther down south. As I sit in my room, preparing for my first Sunday service with our Malawian family and awaiting my immediate family’s return, I am seeking God for a word for my brothers and sisters. Reflecting on the amazing time we had at the Baltimore Convention, I am continually thankful of what I and my family are a part of. It is truly something special. A thought comes... then I listen to a Convention message which seems better than the thought I had pieced together. This is all done soon after both the water and electricity were shut off (only for a few hours thankfully). I decided to browse through the most worn out book in my small library, From Jerusalem to Irian Jay. If you don't have this book, it really is a must. It is a brief synopsis of scores of Christian missionaries from Paul the Apostle to missionaries in the 1980's. I just flipped through the pages until I hit a story tha…