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March Gladness

March is almost over and another April is here again. Time is pressing on. We are taking small steps of faith in our daily lives. We recently preached a message on the “little things”. God doesn’t want us to forget the little things, for many of them lead to the big events in life. We continue to be faithful in the little things of the ministry: Having a heart for the lost; teaching those who are hungry in Bible College, and loving those who may oppose themselves.
Recently one of the ladies in our church invited her neighbor to church, his name is Timothy. He came, listened, greeted us, and returned home. We followed him up by visiting his house. I figured he enjoyed the service but that he came to honor his neighbor’s request. He explained to us that after hearing the message, he knew he was in the right place. One thing I love so much about Malawi is that people are listeners. Maybe the pace of life is still slow enough, that people still listen. When you stop people on the street…