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What do we do now? God’s leading and Cross-cultural fear.

"Your Word is a lamp unto my feet,  and a light unto my path" Psalm 119:105
    In the days before Covid even arrived to the land of Malawi, we had been touched by it because of it touching our friends and families all around the world. Malawi was actually one of the last countries to get cases.  Our international school was closed early on even before we had a confirmed case. There were a few conversations about whether to continue to meet as a church. When the first case arrived we decided (along with a few other international churches) to close our churches. It was such a confusing time as we didn't want to be seen as living in fear. 

   A few times we have been stopped by the police, questioning us about why we aren't wearing masks and why we were still in Malawi. It's like they have found another opportunity to stop and fine us for something because we are foreigners. It’s ok though because its never stopped us before.  Unfortunately, we and some of our national…

March Prayers from Malawi

Dear Family,
       Undoubtedly we are in a trying season for all of us; a time of uncertainty world-wide.  But what is sure, is that God will be with us in whatever we come across.  Psalm 23:4- "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me."  I remember that verse bringing me comfort when I went through a surgery as a young kid.      In Malawi, we are feeling the calm before the storm, as most Africa is. We have no confirmed cases in Malawi along with a few of our neighboring countries.  Little by little we can see the government take more and more precautions, but for the average person, business is as usual.  On the street as people pass, Corona virus is a byword, but hasn't affected anyone in an everyday person's sphere.  We are getting prepared as a Church and Bible College: we have put our classes on a 2 week holiday, postponed our graduation until September, put hand washing stations at church, and began …

Year in Review 2019

Christmas season in Southern Africa

Area 36 Lilongwe Bible Study Christmas Party

Sunday morning Christmas/New Year's Food Fellowship

"Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift" 2 Corinthians 9:15

Merry Christmas  & Happy New Year 2020
From Team Malawi

A New Year With The Lord
A new year is about to unfold With new opportunities to explore Doors will open for new experiences, New adventures with the Lord
Remember not the former things, The things of this past year, The Lord will do new things in us, Much more than we are aware…
© By M.S.Lowndes

Bundle of Incredible Sweetness

I’m in the passenger seat of our car, my head is turned, gazing out the window watching people. Our AC is broken so the window is down. Its dry, dusty and hot but at least.…           People are walking on the main road. Between pedestrians, bikes, minibuses, and cars, its never really routine to drive here. Its a pretty quiet morning though. Its Sunday, church morning, and you have many choices for a church service here as there are churches everywhere. Its more a tradition and great fear of God of why people go. Like most people around the world, we’ve met many people on the street that will tell you they go every Sunday, and would say “of course we are born again, cant you see it?” But do they think about God any other day? Probably few of them but many don't know how personal God can be. 

And just like that, I'm reminded of why we are really here. To just love people the way they are and where they are at and the way God loves us.
If you love God, you will love people bec…

Behind the scene of transition

As we adjust between 2 very different countries and cultures, our 2 worlds tend to conflict a bit. The transition and adaptation can be different and shorter as the years go by and I’m learning to trust God in the process. He has called us to this life after all.
What you can expect to be done in an instant in a first world country can take days even weeks here. What we can take for granted there we see it as a great blessing here. Just listen to my kids or look at them when the power goes out in the evening and it’s like our new normal now, no one reacts or cries, “just light the candle”, or “just wait a minute dad will hopefully turn the generator on!” And then when the power comes back and everyone in the house is so excited. And then when the water comes back on after a few days off or when we find something at the store that we have never seen here before and it’s there!

What you are so used to have and then it’s not there anymore. When you are used to walking down the street …