February 25, 2024

February 2024 News

 February 2024 News

February marks the longest our family has been in the US in the past 15 years. We are so grateful to you and the church in Baltimore for helping us for this season. God also has been incredibly gentle with us as we navigate being stateside. The churches in Malawi seem to be doing very well despite us not being there. We should not be surprised, even Christ said the same: “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” – John 12:14.

Mzuzu. Last week the Greater Grace Churches of Malawi sent a missionary to plant a church in the northern city of Mzuzu. This has been on our hearts for the last 5 years, it finally happened. The churches raised support and sent Pr. Liking Zungu. There are other members who used to live in Lilongwe that relocated to Mzuzu that he is gathering.

Pr. Zungu is in the middle.

GGCA Lilongwe. We are under construction to bring Greater Grace Christian Academy to fruition. The vision is to start with K-4 grade and add classrooms little by little. In addition to classrooms that face inside the property, we will have shops that face out toward the street to provide income for the church.

First Snow. This past February also was a first for half of our family. For Poema it was the first time she has seen snow since she was 6 months old. For Noah it was his first snow ever. Noah had been praying to see snow, and Baltimore got about 4 inches. He made a snowman and snow angel. God is so awesome.

Namibia. God has been moving in Namibia. Pr. Obrien and Thloki Britt have been living there holding meetings while they await our final meeting to approve our church constitution that will happen next month. Pr. Bernard Ntalasha, the uncle of our beloved Pr. Albert, has also been joining them from Southern Zambia as we all prepare to converge together. Please keep them in your prayers that God will give us favor with the Council of Churches for a quick approval of our church registration. Once the church is registered then we can apply for long term visas to stay in the country.

Pr. Obrien and his wife are wearing green and white, Pr Bernard is in Salmon color.

Malawicon ’24. We are planning the conference for this coming April 12-14. The theme is “Blessing of Unity”.

September 23, 2023

Malawi/Namibia Fall Ahead

 Warm Fall Greetings,

Those that still have Daylight Savings Time know about "Spring Ahead/Fall Behind". We want to flip the script and "Fall Ahead". We are trusting God for a great Fall Season whether we have Daylight Savings Time or not. God is empowering our precious Malawian and Namibian Brothers and Sisters to take great strides in His Kingdom.

Bible College. With our family having an extended furlow in Baltimore, we are so encouraged to see the churches in Malawi going forward in God's calling. The first Bible College class run solely by our Admin team had a great turn out of 70 people of registration. With other students coming day after day, we are believing God for a great year ahead.

Bible College Teachers Meeting.

Radio. Our church in Malawi has been on National radio for the past 7 years. 6 of those years were on the same station that was owned by the family of the previous president. Coming with the change in power to a new political party, the current party shut down our beloved Galaxy Radio. We loved the station especially because the studio was across the street from our house. We used have different people from our church coming into the studio to interview them. By the Grace of God, the closing of Galaxy Radio did not mean the end of Grace Moments Radio Program. We are now on a youth focussed station called Timveni Radio. The format is a little different since they do not have physical studios. We send in recordings of the Malawian pastor's messages and play them every week. The radio station broadcasts into the whole nation which gives everyone a chance to hear the Grace and Finished Work Message.

Christian School. We are still continuing our vision for a K-3 Christian School. We have made great progress in building and are about 2/3 of the way finished. We have raised the money for the digging of a well and $1000 toward completing the structure. Once it is finished, we will rent out the front half of the classrooms that face the main road to raise money for the church. Our aim is to make the church self-sustaining and that the shops and school would raise the rest of the money to build more classrooms up to 8th grade.


Currently (You can see our church across the street in the top left corner. We have built a little more since this picture and finished the beam on top of the windows)

- The Current Bible College Semester - for Fervency of the Students and Anointing of all the Teachers.
- The Namibian work permits to be approved for Pr. Obrien, Thloki, Pr. Bernard, and Maggie.
- The Women's Conference in Zambia next month. For Traveling mercies and a great touch among our Ladies
- The Youth Conference in December
- The Annual Malawicon national conference April 12-14.

Thanks For Your Prayers!
The Arman Family

July 23, 2023

 A Great and Effectual Door – 1Corinthians 16:9:

The month of April always reminds us of God’s immense greatness especially for us here in Malawi; we recall the eternal work that Christ did for us on Easter regarding His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Also it is the time in which we hold our regional conference and graduation. We were touched with great gratitude for all our brothers and sisters that sacrificed to visit us. We had guests from Congo, USA, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The conference was amazing, the graduation of 88 students brought great excitement, and the messages were foundational for our continued growth. One memorable message that hit home was how the pillars of the church like prayer, the Word, and evangelism can either be miserable or magnificent depending on whether or not God’s Agape Love is behind them. A church can be doing everything correctly and flourishing on the outside, yet it may lack God’s Love. This conference marked another great milestone, the whole thing was administered by the local team. The graduation, reception of guests, transportation of all church members, feeding of visitors, translation, and music was all administered by our local pastors and deacons. They did a wonderful job in providing an environment to hear God’s anointing while also overcoming challenges. It was amazing to see God bring out their gifts.