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Praise Report!

Last week God really answered our prayers... the two pastors that have been travelling with me to Malawi, Pr Albert Ntalasha and Pr Enoch Muchindu, went a 7th time to Lilongwe to finalize our church constitution. Because of the recent passing of the Malawian president, things have been tumultuous in its government administration. The church registration that we submitted was delayed because of a change of cabinet members. But after this past trip and the persistance of our pastors,
God blessed us with our approved church registration!!!
At the same time, we also submitted our paperwork for our residency permits which will permit us to live in Malawi. In all, the trip was for two weeks which also gave the oppurtunity to visit with our future church members. Pr. Albert and Pr. Enoch had a great time visiting and even having an informal church service with disciples in front of the main Post Office. We wanted to thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. God has great things in …