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Zamcom 2010



COPPERBELT.Our month came out of the box being busy; our whole family jumped on a bus on the first day of March to visit the Speedy’s in Greater Grace Church of the Copperbelt.That in itself was quite an endeavor.Picture the four of us loading up into a taxi at 5:30 am; heading to the bus station where it seems to be full at all hours of the day; and then the four of us making our way through the crowds to our bus.At any moment we could have been going in one of 8 different directions (that is how many countries that Zambia borders); every one trying equally hard to earn our travel expense money.Eventually we made it to our bus and sat down with the girls in tow and seated on our laps.There are two choices of seats: on one side of the bus there is the row of two seats and the other side has the row of three seats.We thought we would give mercy to any single traveler so we chose the row of two seats.After a precious five-hour trip north, we were in the Copperbelt region of Zambia.Our l…