January 21, 2015

'Mom's Best School' Field Trip

 "Whoever then humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." 
                                                                   Matthew 18:4

Yesterday was field trip day at "Mom best School" (the girls name for our home School) :) We took the girls to visit one of our church member's Christian School. As it always is a great adventure to visit people here, we got in the car and drove for about 40 minutes through a few compounds, dirt/mud roads and pot holes. We finally made it to the big house that Peter rents and uses its entirety for the school from Nursery to 4th grade.     
The whole school, about 120 children, was waiting for us outside as we drove through the gate of the school and surrounded our car, blocking any possibility for us to even get out. You should have seen it, the smiles, the excitement as we, 'Azungus' (white people), came to visit them! They started singing for us and finally let us make our way out of the car! Our girls, even though they are used to it, were still very much intimidated with all the attention! It was really awesome and so exiting to see all these expectant faces! 
Anyway after we said our hellos they brought us inside into their main hall and presented us with a great talent show. Chris did a story on the sketch board and the girls and I taught them a song together! You might imagine a school with desk and chairs, right? of course thats what you should find in any school, well this school is in a poor area and even though its a private school most of the classes are done on the ground, on mats and a small chock board standing on 3 legs, very much like a sketch board. With almost nothing they get to teach these children about reading and Maths, and the Love of God! In all we had such a great visit and gave us a vision to start our own GG school very soon!

              Meet the new member of our family; her name is Mocha!