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Sometimes life and what comes at us feels overwhelming. This past month was a bit like that for us. And daily, we had and still have two choices: to succumb to our circumstances and the emotions they bring or turn and rest in His Almighty Arms.  He is still faithful; He still covers us with His Grace. Even though, April is our busiest month here, it became even more so this year with many additions. Thankfully God worked all things together for good. We had our biggest conference ever with 93 graduates! With all their family members attending the ceremony, we had over 500 people in attendance, Incredible! It was amazing to think that 4 years ago we began Bible school with a class of about 30 people.  Soon after the Malawian Conference (Malacon), we brought a team of 18 people to our neighboring Zambia, to visit our Greater Grace Churches there for their annual conference (Zamcon). What was particularly unique was that 5 of our team were students from the Bible College. It was great for t…