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Malawi Christmas and a Fruitful New Year

As preparations were made for our trip to Malawi this month, we knew we were bathed in prayer from people around the world for the registration of a new church in Lilongwe. This whole month we could see God’s hand in so many aspects:

We had the unexpected visit from 2 disciples from Malawi. 3 weeks ago we received a call Sunday morning before church from our friend Clifford who said he was at the bus station. It didn’t click right away that this was one of the men who has come to every Bible Study that we have held in Malawi over the past two years. He came with a friend to work for 3 weeks in Lusaka. So starting that first day he and his friend Frank were with us getting a taste of what Greater Grace was like with the church services and Bible College as well.

-Church Registration. Registration of a church is always an adventure because every country’s rules are different. So we had a game plan going into Malawi, but at the same time we also were prepared to be flexible. As Pr. Alber…

"By wisdom a house is built,

and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4

Whatever you write on the heart of a child, no water can wash it away. The marks in the sands are erased by the tide; inscriptions will crumble with clay. The words in a book will decay with the years and even engraving in stone disappears.
But God’s Word inscribed on a little child’s heart
for time and eternity shall not depart. (Author Unknown)

Home is the focus of the work of homeschooling parents. Perhaps like no other challenge in life, homeschooling forces us to consider our identity and our roles as mothers and fathers, and it allows us to shape every aspect of our home—its tone, the way it’s decorated, the media we allow to enter it, what we eat and how we eat, how we celebrate, how we laugh, how we rest, and how we prepare for the unexpected.

November Thanksgiving!
We are thankful for God’s faithfulness th…

A few weeks ago...

Leadership Conference with Pr Scibelli - Oct 2011
Kitwe, Zambia, about 5 hours north of Lusaka

Leaders meeting - Pr Schaller's call

Greater Grace Women Conference in Zambia 2011 Guest Speaker: Latasha Brown, Millie and Ida from Uganda

One Church one Family

Acts 11:23 Who, when he came, and had seen the grace of God, was glad, and exhorted them all, that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord. When Barnabas saw the unity in the church of Antioch he was glad and told the church to guard their unity of Grace by depending on Jesus Christ. Our hearts have been made glad with the unity that God has brought. It is so amazing to think of what God has done in seven years. We have gone from a small Bible study in a hotel room to 7 churches gathering to hear the Word of God. -For the past two week we have had Pr. Scibelli, our missions’ director, visiting and doing a leadership conference.This is also the second year that a group from the Greater Grace Church of Uganda visited us taking a 4 day journey on a series of buses to get here, so encouraging! So with a group of 30 leaders from Lusaka, we brought another bus 5 hours north to the Copperbelt area of Zambia. There we met the Greater Grace Church of Kitwe with the Speedy family. …

Still small voice of God

1Kings 19:11-12

As we prepare to return to Africa, we want to thank God and you for your prayers, friendship, support, and love. God miraculously finds a way to piece together every little thing to bring about the edification of His church (Eph 4:16). 

This  past week in Baltimore we had both an earthquake and weathered a hurricane both felt by not only us but the whole east coast. Last Tuesday as we sat in our basement apartment, we felt a little rumbling. I thought it was road work or a pipe that broke, then the whole house began shaking. Our two girls had just gone down for a nap, so they slept right through it. We quickly woke them up and went outside. It was the first time I ever felt an earthquake here in Baltimore.  Later in the week we began getting warnings for a hurrican that could potentially pass right over Baltimore. Thankfully it was not as bad as it could have been here in Baltimore. Hours before it came someone mentioned 1Kings 19:11-12 which says that a wind, fire, and …

Prayer Card 2011



We would like to dedicate this Post to the memory of Uncle Billy. He was Chris' Uncle, Chris' mother's brother, a well known Doctor who practiced in New York and in Athens, Greece. He past away 2 weeks ago. I had the privilege to meet him a few years ago while visiting my husband's family on the Island of Lesvos, Greece. We will miss you very much. God bless his precious family. We love you Thea Zana and Stavros.

  Callia and Uncle Billy-2007

Uncle Billy and Thea Zana

Chris' mom, Julie, Uncle Billy, Chris, Zana, Chris' cousin

Uncle Billy with Chris and the girls-2010

Back in Baltimore via France

Hello Friends,

So here we are, back in Baltimore. And I am finally taking a little time to talk to you guys:) and put up some pictures. Since we've been back we went to the Missions Conference in Malboro, Massachusetts where we spent one week with our spiritual family there, and then we had our annual International Convention here in Baltimore, "Anointed for Service". What a week this has been with every portion a special anointing. we are really blessed with our Pastor and the Leadership and the visiting pastors; and this has been a real spiritual refreshment. We are ready to go back, really we are:) Chris will be working here until August so you will see us around for a little while longer for those in Baltimore and for the others in America, we really hope to see you around sometime this summer.

There pictures are from our layover in France, on our way to Baltimore from Zambia. We visited my family in Nimes, France and my home Church. Chris' parents joined us for on…

Hello from Southern Africa,

March and April were jammed packed namely with preparation of our yearly conference. Pictures are in the following posts...

Visit From Dave.  What made this year particularly special is that we had a visitor before the actual conference.  Dave Petersen, a classmate from Greater Grace Christian Academy and long time friend, came to visit us for 2 weeks.  Dave and I have worked together on numerous occasions and he and his family would often encourage our family as we planned to return to the missionfield.  He wanted to come and see what everyday life was like at the church here.  We did visits, taught Bible college classes, evangelism, prayer meetings.  It was a great time.  What really topped it off was on the day before Dave was leaving; we went looking for souvenirs for his family.  At one particular store we walked through, Dave looked like he recognized someone.  Then out of the blue, Dave yells, “Tim Hilty!” Tim looked at Dave in disbelief – it was a Divine Appointment.  Dave and …

"Grace for Now, Grace forever"

This was the theme of our annual zambian convention this year! ZAMCON 2011!

So here it is, bits and pieces in pictures of our great time! Welcoming our numerous visitors from all over, Pr Morkley from Ghana, Pr Ray and his group from Carlisle, PA, Pr. Scibelli, Latasha Brown, Bella and Andy from Baltimore, Pr Adam and familly from Kitwe, Pr Jabu and his group from Pretoria, South Africa...