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Happy Noahvember (The official month for Noahs everywhere),

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We are coming to the close of our extended period here in the US. We really would have wanted to do a little bit more traveling to our sister churches in the area, but it may have been wishful thinking with a newborn in tow. There is always next year God willing. 
We are so thankful to God for our new addition to the family. Noah is a healthy, hungry 6 week old with bright eyes and continual grunts and chuckles. He has 3 Moms: my wife and 2 daughters who constantly want to hold him. It is so cute to see our 7 year old hold our newborn, a little person holding an even littler person. Its been 7 years since we have had a new born, but all the long nights, constant diapers, dirty clothes, and blown out eardrums (from crying) seem like nothing with a precious little life in your arms. When that little guy is looking up at you with his bright, twinkling eyes; wow, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. What blossoming potential one can find in a littl…