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Our last co-op - October 2016
We made cookies and cards for a homeschool south african family and friends of ours - the father who his a pilot was in a helicopter accident and is recovering in South Africa..

April Homeschool Co-op Pottery Class

March Homeschool Co-op at "Child Legacy International/Malawi"

Our Coop Kids group in Malawi

Noah's room. I am in awe of what God has done for me and our family: when you go on the mission field you pack as little as possible and the only baby items I brought were a Packnplay and a stroller (ok and clothes and diapers too) What most of you don't know is that you CANNOT find cribs in Malawi and I really didn't want one at first - Anyway whats amazing is that about  a month after we came back to Malawi some expats friends of ours from Canada were leaving Malawi and they had just had a baby about 1 year ago here. They had this crib locally made! When they told us we could have all that they had for baby for pretty cheap I couldn't believe it. They gave us a crib, a changing table/bureau for all of Noahs clothes, baskets for toys....And then Lisa made him the baby picture frame, bunting, cushion...! She is amazing! And God is so GOOD! I am a very #happymommy 😀 #armankidsinmalawi #armanmissions #babynoahchristopher

Our School Room ;) school year 2015-2016
Callia: Grade 4  -  Poema: Grade 2

One day in the life of a homeschool mom on the field -

I know as ladies we are pretty good at multi-tasking - I mean I've tried to give Chris a few different things to do in the kitchen to help out and ...well I don't want to uncover more hehe- but lately I have no word really.. Except maybe... Just picture it for me: we are in the school room it's 1030am now, we've been at it for less than an hour, I'm holding the baby (he just woke up) Callia has a problem with her science and is upset, Poema needs help with her spelling- I put the baby down on the bouncer, he plays for a few minutes- did I mention that Noah has become a VERY loud little monkey- oh and Chris is gone on outreach and visitation..- usually we can handle a few back ground noise for a while but ... Callia gives up on her thing and starts playing with Noah so I can be with Poema ...and then ..he is crying so I pick him up to nurse him while trying to teach Poema ...than Callia goes to reading her book.. I put him back down he is quite so I go on to the computer to print something and I'm like finally we can get moving and then ... Wait for it ... The power goes out ... Yup ... It's now a small room with no air that's turning into a sauna w 4 people ... We move on to the living room with more air and continue .. And then we go outside what the heck, lets just do school out side right? Into something else since I didn't get to copy whatever I needed to copy.. At this point I forgot lol- We can be at it like that until 4pm ... T.I.A. my friends..I don't even know how I'm gonna finish this school year ..there .. I'm done venting now... this is my life on the mission field, so help me God! It ain't pretty! 

Our Homeschool Room: I know right: WE HAVE A SCHOOL ROOM!  woot woot!!!!
   The school room is only clean for this picture lol the next one will be the real one :)

Cooking class - Making a Quiche
Poema, my little assistant cook!

Our homeschool co-op in Malawi - Art class

Cooking class at our house
Making crepes with our homeschool co-op in Lilongwe - 2015

Making our first Gingerbread house this christmas season

Celebrate life


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