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Year of 2nds

Year of 2nds As we begin our journey back to Baltimore we are thankful at what God has done over the past year. - Birth and health of our new son. Noah was born in October and we returned with the whole family in November. To think that a 1month old could travel over 5000 miles is a miracle. Praise be to God that he and our family have our health. We don't take for granted God's covering. - Our 2nd Baptism. We had 18 baptisms of church members in December along with a church picnic and volleyball. Just a simple thing like volleyball with people who love God and walk in the Spirit can be such a uniting experience. - 2nd Marriage of a key leader. Around Christmas we did our 2nd wedding in the church. It was so beautiful and such a help to this couple which is a key part in our men's and women's discipleship. - Move into our new location. As a church and Bible College we have always struggled to fit everyone in the premises we have rented, often having students looking in from…