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1986-2016 - 30 years in Africa The churches of Southern Africa came together to recognize and honor Pastor Scibelli for serving 30 years in Africa. 

    Bible College Graduation- 70 students graduated from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Team Malawi in Zambia

Children of Grace - First Southern african Orphans - ZAMBIA


"What a Word!"

This past few months have really “Broken Open” as one brother mentioned in years past. God is doing amazing things using us as broken vessels. At the beginning of March, our church wasn't sure if we would have a place to meet. Six days before our lease was due to renew, our landlord for the church tripled the rent. That sent us to our knees in desperate search to find a new location.  As is His custom, God came through and we found a hall down the road triple the size of the place we used to rent only a fraction more than we normally pay. 
Grace Moments Radio program is going strong with Matt Sliva as our engineer and our panel of pastors which is broadcast once a week around the whole country. We are getting a great response with questions being texted to us from people in the North and South of the Country. Our vision is to deal with pertinent, controversial topics that people are dealing with in their everyday lives. This particular station is one that plays hit songs and broadc…