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We are what we are by the Grace of God... - 1 Cor. 10:15

As we closed evangelism on the first Monday of the Year, we walked over to our “office” (Our “office” is one of the cul-de-sacs of post office boxes.  There is an ankle high stoop where people are sitting throughout the day.  This is our board room for our staff meeting. Often we are asked where our office is located, I usually tell them its the biggest office in town. It is comical, that we have sometimes 10 church members all seated around with one or two extra people that automatically become guests. Occasionally a hand will go up and it is one of the visitors making a comment, which usually is pretty good).  Little did we know when we started brainstorming, it would result in our busiest January ever.  January usually is busy since it is a month off of Bible College, it is when we squeeze a lot of what we cant do on the weekends of classes.  First was our annual Baptism/Church Picnic/Volleyball tournament. What a great opening of the year, new disciples and older believers making …