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No coincidences with God (stories behind the pictures of the following post)

Hello from Malawi. 
It has been a great start for our new year. We began with a visit from Pastor Enock from Zambia and Anthony from the church in South Africa for a week. We accompanied them part of the way as they went back to Lusaka to Zambia’s 4th largest city, Chipata, on a mission trip. Chipata is about 2 hours away from us and is a good target for the future. We found a great openness among the people there with the continual question, “When are you coming?” and our answer, “Soon.” We made some tracts putting a Zambian phone number that we can use while in Malawi. One brother named Mbewe was very interested in the church and Bible college and has been calling us every week to ask us when we are coming again. People were so refreshed to hear that God’s love is limitless.
This past week we enjoyed Matt Roberge from Baltimore. Matt is an amazing musician, but an even better preacher. His messages were filled with depth, content, and anointing. Matt was with us as we did our Bible…

Our New Year's pictures of the month

Playing "Chipball' with our visitors from South Africa, Antoni and Pr Enock from Zambia

Us with George (a malawian who was a student at GGIS Budapest)

Matt Roberge's visit! Yes we put him to work with our blue guitar Lol Matt leading the worship team with some English songs they know
 Matt known as "Is it true" singer by some of our church members sang it LIVE at our Sunday morning service (Matt had sang it at Zamcon 2013.)
 Outreach with Sketchboard and concert!

Our new "pet" from our back yard.