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The importance of every life

With the tragedy that is going on in Kenya, we have been stirred up in prayer and in the importance of our lives for the short time we are here on this earth. Our hearts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Kenya, as many of them gave their lives for their faith. We continue to pray for those still in captivity.     Just as Christ would walk for 70 miles just to give one woman the gospel in John 4, God brings individuals into our lives. Today we had one Muslim young man visit our church after we had an hour long conversation with him at evangelism. God has been so faithful to encourage us, especially this month.
First we have had Julie’s mom, Sylvie, with us for the past 2 months. She has been a complete angel, being a team member and helping in the church and evangelism.
 Next, Pr. Renaldo Brown and Pr. Nelson Nhkoma visited us from Zambia doing the opening of our 2nd Semester in Bible College. We are overwhelmed at the response of people and people’s hunger to listen t…