May 01, 2013

Building People

What a month. We had the Zambian conference last month. This time we came as guests, bringing 13 members of Team Malawi to Lusaka. It was amazing to see the response of the group as everyone was welcomed by the overwhelming love of the church. Within minutes everyone got to know each other and there was great fellowship. The trip ended with Pr Scibelli sitting down with our team and sharing a vision for Southern Africa. He encouraged us to have a nationwide as well as an international vision for our church. It was very motivating. The icing on the cake was a visit one week later by Pr. Renaldo again, this time with Pr. Bernard Ntalasha, the pastor of Greater Grace of Livingstone as well as Pr. Albert’s uncle, and Barbara Hill. They spend a week with us ministering at church services, Bible college classes, and evangelism. We are truly blessed to have all the edification. We are in building up mode as we finish the first Bible school semester. There are 4 weeks left as people have a taste of what full time Bible college is like. Like anything, the initial glamour has worn off and it is just plugging away and enjoying the ride. The classes have been anointed, today especially; we ended the class simply speaking about God being our inheritance. The thought really struck home as many people deal with poverty and sickness on a regular basis. We are looking forward to an interim ABD class on Revelation that we will watch during the summer break. We also plan to visit the village of one of our church members and evangelize there with sketchboard along with other places this summer. We cherish your prayers and see them at work. God has been so faithful; we are truly blessed! Thank you for your prayers, love, and support, we believe God will really use Malawi as a springboard to reach the rest of Southern Africa and beyond.

I love this picture from Zamcon. Notice Poema covering her ears as Callia recites her Bible verse, Classic! Poema probably didn't agree with Callia's use of the NIV, she perfers KJV.

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