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News from the US

I am writing you at the close of our International Convention in Baltimore. We have truly been overwhelmed with joy in this past week. For one week the Church in Baltimore with all GG Churches, missionaries and foreign nationals-that were able to come- from all corners of the world converge in one plaza and look to God for insight and inspiration.

Saturday night was a perfect culmination. The two messages that closed the conference were dripping with anointing and impetus. Pr. Morrisson and Pr. Schaller spoke on counting everything loss in life to win Christ and finding the pearl of great price which is Christ. Our hearts are so thankful to God, that we are a part of such a spiritual family. Pr. Schaller mentioned that we value our fellowship so much that we tread carefully with our words so as not to quench the Holy Spirit. As I looked at Pr. Stan Collins in Peru, Pr. Anil and Devendre in India, Pr. Veader here in Baltimore, and really everyone; I thought of Luke 3:16 where John said …