February 12, 2012

Go Chipolopolo!

Real Chipolopolo supporters:)

If the Superbowl represented America's national team against the rest of North and South America, that is the type of excitement that Zambia is experiencing right now. Zambia's national football (soccer) team, Chipolopolo (the copper bullets), has made it to the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. It has been over two decades since the team has gone this far. Streets have been filled with whistle blowing, vuvusela blowers (plastic trumpets), and colorful dresses and shirts donning the national colors. It is not uncommon to see people driving down Cairo Road (our main street) fans standing on the roofs of their cars waving flags (thankfully not driving too fast). It has been like an ongoing  parade for the past two weeks.  Many of the church members are wearing there national team shirts or national colors.  Its been quite an experience and we have jumped into it head first. The game will be tonight Sunday at 9pm, we will let you know the outcome. One thing that we are sure of is that whether they win or lose, tomorrow will be a day off or even made a national holiday! :D

Well, Zambia is CHAMPION of the Africa Cup of Nations! 8-7 against Ivory-Coast! What a game! 

February 03, 2012

Hello again!

So now Chris is back from Ghana and Pr Renaldo is coming back sunday (after one month) from his trip to Ghana and South Africa. The Tanguays are visiting Kitwe, 5 hours north for a few weeks...and so our life here continues. At the end of these paragraphs I put pictures of my mom's visit, our day trip to a game park and more...

This past monday, Charity Brown invited the ladies of the church to her house. And to our great surprise about 20-25 ladies from our different churches came, a lot of them being Pastors' wives. An Rap started (time of questions and answers) that stirred up quite a few subjects and questions, about being a leaders wife, to our place in the church, mother in the home, being content in our position...what a great time we had and Charity was really awesome! We had food together, traditional Ghanaian food prepared by Charity! We listened to a tape from Pr Carl Stevens about how much of the Love of God we have received and we can now give back what we have received. Luke 12:48. Well I can say what a great and powerful time we had!

Bible College is starting again and we are excited that all the classes will be held at the same facility as the church.  For many of our church members, it is an answer to prayer. We also anticipate new students from the neighborhood and also new church members as a result.

The University outreach has been encouraging as well.  Consistently we have had a group of people hungry for the Word of God. What really strikes us is the questions we receive.  It seems that many of them have been wounded with the prosperity gospel.  Such beliefs that if one isn't financially blessed or if one is sickly, then there is some sin in his life or he is not spiritual. I thought of the verse in Zechariah 13:6 that says "I was wounded in the house of my friends." We have been there to befriend people through giving them words of encouragement from the Father of Encouragement 2Thes 2:16.

We have also had a blessing of association from the guys at the University.  As we were desperately looking for a place to watch the NFL American Football playoff games, one of our brothers at the University that has cable offered for us to watch the game at his house.  Since we are 7 hours ahead from the States, the game started at 10pm.  By the grace of God, we were able to watch the Baltimore - New England game. Although the result wasn't what we wanted in our perfect will it was at least the permissive will. We brought along Pr. Albert Ntalasha with Jediah Tanguay to our friend Kwezi's house and wathched the game.  We did our best to explain the rules so at least it would be enjoyable for our host. I think it was good enough because we were invited back to watch the Superbowl, Praise God.

Lastly, there was a funny story I didn't mention last month that happened on our way back from Malawi. The irony of this story is embodied in the phrase "T.I.A. - This Is Africa". On the trip back, we always take the same bus company. In fact, many of the drivers and crew, we know on a first name basis.  On every bus we had taken, there was always this mystery wooden box stored on the inside luggage rack over our heads. It was a box about 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet long (if any of you has seen a folded sketchboard, it reminded me of one) .  It always scared me because part of the way is very hilly and we have had to push it back as we would go around corners. I never thought to ask to move it, because I never thought it would fall down.  But I remember thinking that if it did fall it would kill someone. Well around one particular corner the mystery box came flying out, and by the sheer grace of God it only grazed the man's shoulder who was sitting under it.  Had it hit him in the head, he definately would have had a concussion or possibly died.  As the crew was in a flury to move the box to a better place and apologize repeatedly to the passenger, the whole bus was indignant and asked what was in the box. Wouldn't you know it was the First aid kit.

Zikomo, Mzungu akudaliseni ( Thank you, God bless you)

Julie's mom visited us for Christmas:)

At the mandevo market -where we can buy second-hand clothes and shoes....

On Outreach in Town.

Team Malawi!

As some of you might know I (Julie) have been working at the French school of Lusaka, as a sub teacher for 1st and 2nd grade. Well one time i was allowed to bring Callia to one of our outing at a game park! FUN!

Yes we have a Passion fruit Tree in our back yard!!!

Our M.K.s (Missionary Kids) :)