October 06, 2018

Beautiful things happen when we trust God...

Its been over a month of us being back in our home or second home (depending how we look at it-really our home is heaven and we are just passing through). We are so thankful for everyone’s love this summer: a special thanks to our home church in Baltimore for more than ever making us feel loved and blessing us in so many ways. From the Convention in June to the end of Camp Life in August, we were blessed in a manifold way. Thank you to all the branch ministries we visited and each church member receiving us as royalty.

We left with our possessions for the coming year, but more so with excitement to see what God will do this year. We come back to two Malawian pastors ( Pr Yamika and Malrone) who actually pastored our church in my absence this summer. We also return to Pr. Albert & Mclean Ntalasha, Zambian and Ugandan missionaries to Malawi who have another Greater Grace church in the Eastern part of Lilongwe. Mclean is close to being due with their 2nd child. Their marriage is a reflection of God’s work on the Continent. We are also joined by Matt and Lisa Sliva who are returning to Malawi having previous lived here for 2 years in 2015-2016. As always my Parents will also be returning to Malawi in one week which makes their 4th year living here. They are amazing, choosing to retire (if you want to call it that) in Malawi. In actuality they have such vigor and life. They spearhead our prayer program.

Already our life has gone through some drastic changes, for which we would covet your prayers . The biggest change is that we put our two daughters in a Christian school after homeschooling them for their whole lives. The school is a great one, run by American & South African Missionaries. The girls already love their classes and are transitioning well. Although it is a huge financial investment, we have seen God working in their lives and we see God connecting us to the Christian community more and more.

The other change is in the church. We have a church that has many mature members who have graduated Bible College and are looking for direction. We have learned that if you have many gifted people that they may stagnate if they do not exercise their gift. We are praying for wisdom and for God to speak to where these graduates may go. We have 4 major cities on our radar for future churches so we want to build wisely.
Amazingly the interest in the Bible College has not waned. It has continued to grow and we are at close to 240 students. We do no advertising, but by word of mouth; students are coming in and learning the Word of God from over 20 different churches. We have 8 Malawian graduates teaching in the Bible College.

Prayer Requests
-    Greatest Semester of Bible College with every class being anointed
-    God’s hand on our children in school
-    Wisdom for the next church plants (inside and Outside the city)
-    Trip to Zambia happening now for the annual conference and graduation about 9 of us are going.

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