July 25, 2014

Back in the States - Summer of Blessings and Fun and a LOT of traveling lol...

Wow I almost forgot about this blog lol, almost! We've been back in the States for about 1 month and a half  now and let me tell you, it has been a non-stop summer so far but full of fun and blessings! We first arrived just a few days before Convention and were asked if we wanted to be apart of a Booth during convention. We also found out that we would be getting new team members this coming year and that we would be doing a Booth with them! We had such a great time with Matt and Lisa Sliva and the Nye Family. A lot of you know of the famous Nyes/Kings Booth selling Chicken Teriyaki and sweet crepes well this year they BLESSED Team MALAWI!!
The Slivas were on the Chicken and we were on the crepes. Jet lagged and exited to be around after 2 years, with our two children that we had to drop off and pick up from VBS every morning and night, making the batter with a total of 180 eggs, and about 500 crepes sold I gotta say we were creped out but we did it with great help from my mom who was visiting from France and help from a LOT of great friends! And YES we would do it again!!
                                                                 MALAWI BOOTH
 Pr Graham checking on us, the Architect of Greater CREPES World Outreach, making sure we were doing it right (just kidding)...

A few days later, we were on to our first trip up North to visit Friends and the Greater Grace Church of Malborough, Mass!
This is the original home Church of Chris and his dad. A 7 hour trip that turned out to be 10 hours but what a great time we had with our great friends the Geraghtys and Daigles and the church there for the 4th of July Weekend.

After a few days back in Baltimore we were on to another extended weekend away to Pennsylvania to visit the awesome church of Carlisle. Pr Ray and Brenda and a lot of people from this church visited us many time in Zambia and Malawi! We had first a great time with Colton Herb who treated our girls with us to Hershey Park! And then a great time -at many restaurants- of fellowship, eating, shooting, bowling, shopping, more eating and fellowship...with great friends!