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Malawi Time

It’s so hard to believe that we are beginning our 4th year of being in Malawi, but we are back on African soil God is faithful as usual. I am so thankful for our family, the fact of their adjustment from America to Malawi is a miracle in itself. It’s basically 2 days of travel to get here: 8 hours to Paris, another 8 to Nairobi, a surprise stopover in Zimbabwe to pick up people, and finally arrival in Lilongwe at 1:30am. The great thing about getting to the airport  in the middle of the night is that everyone is tired, even the immigration officer. I was able to talk the immigration officer to giving my son a free visa since he was not included on our work permit yet. I said please help the people of God…you can still do that in Africa without offending people…and he had mercy on us. After the whirlwind trip, we began the reinsertion into Malawian life (which really is the more sensible way of living- as our Malawian brethren would say). The day begins at 5:30am when the sun comes up w…