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Sept 2010 - News from a not so far country

Greetings family from sunny Zambia, we have arrived safely and have been set up for about 2 weeks now. We would like to thank God and everyone who made our summer back home such a special one. God used so many different people and families to minister to us during the time we were home. The church in Baltimore especially fed us spiritually and we were so encouraged by every body member. I am thankful to the company that I worked for this summer which gave me double the work I would have normally had making it possible for us to even be back. Also to churches and supporters who continue to pray and give sacrificially as a part of the great work going on here in Southern Africa, we are continually thankful. In Ephesians 4:16 it says that the whole family of God is fitly joined together …and every joint supplies… That was really the case this summer: friends came and helped fix our roof; others took care of expenses, another friend gave us a guitar. We are truly blessed.

The widow's oil-Pastors serving and the food did not run out


Poema's 2nd Birthday with the Browns