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An incredible miracle in Malawi

Living in the Third World, we see death in our face a lot more frequently than we would like. It seems like weekly occurrences of funerals from neighbors or extended families in our church or Bible college from a variety of causes: Malaria, High Blood pressure, strokes, traffic accidents. Etc. Unfortunately many of the deaths are children, and also unfortunately many could be prevented. In the compounds, local neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for children to fall in poorly covered hand-dug wells or septic tanks. A mother will be cooking and let her child play outside and the unthinkable happens. 9 out of 10 times it means certain death as the wells can be up to 20 feet deep and full of water especially in rainy season. All of this went through my mind this past Sunday as I received a report that one of our Single Mothers, Alice, had her son fall in a well. Immediately I thought we will be doing a funeral. To my amazement, I was told that he was in the hospital and improving. Obviously…