August 05, 2010

Summer Reflections '10

As the summer winds down and we prepare to go back to Zambia (which is a miracle in itself, that we are able to go back), we are reflecting on the time we had here in the States. The Convention in Baltimore was the greatest ever. We were encouraged about redeeming the time in every facet of life. We also had great opportunities of visiting branch churches and talking about Southern Africa. What I could say about our whole summer experience is that we really saw the value of our family in the Body of Christ (the Church). God used all different people in different locations to encourage us and support us, even brothers and sisters who had just met us. God added a fresh new perspective on the value of His family. I could just imagine a missionary family that would come back from the missionfield and not have a church to come back to. They could feel isolated and alone. Thank God that He has called us to a family Psalm 68:6, a church family. That was really evident this summer and it is something we will bring back to our brothers and sisters in Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi this coming year.

The Armans in Zambia 2009-2010