About us

Chris and I met in France in 1997 when he was visiting our Greater Grace Church there. We were both missionaries in Budapest, Hungary when we met again a few years later and started dating in October 2000. Chris had shared with me how much Africa was on his heart and how He thought God wanted him to be a missionary there. After visiting Ghana together (my first time in Africa in Jan 03), we got engaged and then got married in Baltimore in July 2003. 

A year later,in 2004, we moved to Lusaka Zambia with a missionary team from our Greater Grace Church, until 2006. 

We have two beautiful daughters, Callia and Poema and after 3 years in Baltimore we moved back to Zambia in 2009.

After all these years on the mission field, God has led us to the country of Malawi. We moved our little family and our furniture across the border to Malawi, in December of 2012. It is only by God's Grace and by Faith that we are following in God's plan for us. We are thankful for your prayers and support.

And now we are a family of 5!! We welcomed Noah Christopher in October 2015!

                                                                         Our boy, Noah Christopher - Oct 1st 2015