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Trip to Tanzania - April 2009

After being in Lusaka, Zambia, Chris and Jediah took a trip to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and to Zanzibar.

Sketchboard in Zanzibar

Pictures of Team members and members of Greater Grace Church of Zambia

Pr Renaldo and Charity

Ntalasha and Maguy

Sophie and Rachel

Pastor Joe and his Dad

Two new Team members: Micah and Linda:)

Pastor Adam and Melinda, missionaries in the Northern part of Zambia in Kitwe

Recent trip to Zambia - April 2009

Pastor Renaldo, Charity Brown and their daughter Linda

Enock, Pr. Ashumba (from SA), Chris, Pr. Belias and Jediah

Wesley and Evelyn

4 year Bible College graduation

Why sit we here until we die?

In 2 Kings 7 God gives an incredible story of 4 lepers who are in the impossible situation ofbeing surrounded by the enemy without food on the verge of death.They asked themselves the question, “Why sit we here until we die,” and then they walked into enemy territory either to their death or any good graces of their enemies.What they found was far greater; God had driven their enemies away for them to take the spoil.This is a lot like our lives.Everyday we venture into enemy territory with precious seed, but we find that the battle is already won and we just walk in a path prepared before us by God.
We feel that God has spoken to us to go back on the mission field after three years of being back in Baltimore. With two new team members, our two daughters, we are planning to return to Zambia with a goal to encourage the body there and visit surrounding countries for possible sites for future churches.
This past April I had the privilege of attending the first four-year graduation of Gre…