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Team Malawi Picture 2014

and some more pictures from this past week....

This sunday morning church service

Hello Friends,

We are now three weeks back in sunny Malawi with our hearts warm as well. We have been here a little over a year and a half, and we are amazed at what God has done. We began our 4th semester of Bible College with added fervor. Regularly we have 70 students packed into our rented room and our church continues to grow. The hall we wanted to rent still is occupied so we have looked elsewhere. Oh and did we mention, the team has grown! Two weeks ago we welcomed my parents who decided delay their retirement and join the team. It is amazing to see their energy and desire that never seems to wane. Last week we received Matt and Lisa Sliva and Peter. More and more we see the vision that Pastor Stevens saw back in the 70’s as he spoke about the importance of team missions. Today we were all evangelizing on the streets of Lilongwe and there was an amazing anointing that drew people to us as we preached thr Gospel (although Peter’s camouflage pants helped also). We covet your prayers, our first i…