July 26, 2020

Winter in Africa

It is the first time in 10 years that we have been in a winter.  We have Covid to thank for that, although we know God works all things together for good. The borders in Malawi remain closed so we see God's leading in remaining here for the summer/winter. God has definately done that. It has been great to visit the churches that have been planted around the city. Every week we have been visiting a different church of the 4 that are in the city of Lilongwe.

A very great answer to prayer has happened.  The past year has been an uncertain one politically here in Malawi.  The incumbent president had his re-election nullified because of multiple anomalies of cheating and vote stealing.  There have been a number of protests, both peaceful and violent which led us to a re-run election.  Amazingly, the contender won election and the incumbent president handed over power without any bloodshed.  It was really miraculous.  The new president is a pastor and believes that God has called him to pastor the people in his country.  We thank you for your prayers and ask for more prayers to help him deal with the Covid problem and other issues. 

We lost on of our Founding members a few weeks ago. It was a shock to us all. Jason Lambike was one of the first men we met when we evangelized at the Main Post Office in Lilongwe.  He was there at our first service and was one of our first graduates.  He was a quiet, hardworking man who loved the Word of God.  Even after his graduation he continued to come to class to receive the word.  He also was an amazing Fisher of Men.  He was always with us on the streets as we gave people the Gospel.  Our loss is Heaven's gain, as we saw an incredible turn out at His funeral.  Even though his funeral was one of the most interesting funerals I have ever experienced, Christ was preached.  Funerals in Malawi, have always been of paramount importance to the community.  Jason's funeral brought over 500 people from his neighborhood into his front yard.  If you have never been to a Malawian funeral, it is deeply moving to see all the support from the community.  We lifted up the Character of Christ as Jason would have loved and preached the Gospel of God's Love for all to hear. Many Muslims were in attendance and heard God's love.

Jason Tesso Lembike
His funeral attendance

As the Corona Virus increases in Malawi, we are still trying to have normalcy in a responsible way.  We began playing football/soccer in our community as a way of outreach.  Many of us with facemasks as we are running around, we close the game with a time of the Word. Some young people hear the Bible and are drawn to the church.  

Please pray for us, we are trying to put together a Covid compliant Graduation.  Like everyone around the world, we have had to cancel our annual conference and graduation.  We are planning to have 3 socially distant ceremonies to celebrate our 120 graduates.  Each group will have under 100 in the large room with doors shut after students and 1 guest each are in attendance.

              Area 36-Tumbwe at our church new plot - Outdoor service

Area 25 GG Church- 26.07.20

With Love from Malawi