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Christmas Season in the Warm Heart of Africa

Children christmas play 

1 Samuel 20:23 says the Lord be between us forever.

We are SO THANKFUL for your friendship, love, support, and prayers. Words can't express how amazing it is to have such a family. 1 Samuel 20:23 says the Lord be between us forever. That is the feeling we have. We wanted to share some pictures of the past weeks in Noah-vember.

This is our latest church picture from Picture Sunday that we did early this month. We invited everyone to come get their picture taken and then invited them back the next week to collect their picture.
This is a Bible study we did in a village about 3 hours from where we live. One of our church members, Felix Malute, was witnessing to one of his business prospects and the man was so overwhelmed by the message of God's grace that he paid for Felix to come to his home village last year to share the same message. We came with him on the follow up trip. Such receptive people!

That's Felix with the Blue Shirt. It was 2.5 hours to the main City near the village and then another half hour on motorbikes. We rod…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

"O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good: for his mercy endures forever." Ps 136:1

Next are pictures from the south african conference:

Smiles overcome any language barriers

We have the coolest job in the world. I know being a missionary doesnt seem like a job, ok I get it.  It is still what we do here. And we love what we do so it is a plus in our lives.  I love my children very much and they are such great examples to us.  They are simple thinkers. They see other children, they smile and then,  they start playing. Wherever they are, and I mean anywhere in the world - yes we travel to 3 continents every year- they go and make friends no matter if they speak the same language or not. But it most of the time started with a smile.  Here in Malawi it can be tricky sometimes, people can be friendly but very curious.  And it's the African children that will come to them and they can get very touchy  with their hair...but every time it will take minutes  for them to make friends..
Malawi is an English speaking country but English is not their primary language, just travel outside of city center or the capital, and people will not speak English especially the lad…

Faces of Malawi


He is before all things, and in Him all things are held together.

1 Month Back It’s been a month now that our family has been back on the mission field after a wonderful summer in Baltimore. A big Thank you to Baltimore Church and all the churches in the US and Canada that we visited and were welcomed like royalty; we were so encouraged.  We would also like to say thank you to all the team at R & B, without you, it wouldn’t be possible to come back every summer. It is the beginning of hot season again.  We have not seen a drop of rain since last March. The past rainy season was a very good one after two years of drought, so we were praying on our way back to Malawi, that we would find our house with running water without interruption during the week. Thankfully in the past month, we have had only 2 days without water. Praise God!
It is always an adjustment to be back here. We are all getting ready for dinner, we eat early here around 6 or 6:30 and the sun is already down at around 5:30/6pm even in the summer season. So we are setting the table and …