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April adventures - following Pr Scibelli from beginning to end: 23 days! from Malawi to Uganda!

2004-2014  - 10 year anniversary of Greater Grace in Zambia

Hello,  here is a little bit of news of what went on this April. I would say it is the best April we have ever had with maximum edification for the church here and a broad vision  imparted.
Pr. Scibelli’s Visit. It was a great privilege and joy to host Pr. Scibelli, two men from Carlisle, PA: Shane Sterner and Colton Herb, and Eeva Simard from Baltimore as we had a 5 day mini convention. As soon as our guests arrive we were off to the races: raps, evangelism, and a full Bible college schedule. We encouraged the body to “squeeze” as much doctrine from our guests as possible and we did. One memorable message was about 3 Personal Relationships to value: God, the Church, and the Gospel; and 3 to shun: the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. We even “squeezed” in a quick game of hoops.

Drive to Zambia. As we prepared for the trek to Lusaka, we had three waves of travelers. The first wave was Colton and Clifford from the Malawi church t…

Uganda 2014 (East African Conference)

After Pr scibelli's visit with Shane and Colton from Carlisle, PA in Malawi and Zambia, we are on to the next trip: Kampala, Uganda!!

              GG Church building of Nansana, in Kampala

             Children of Grace Orphanage, Nansana, Uganda