April 30, 2014

Uganda 2014 (East African Conference)

After Pr scibelli's visit with Shane and Colton from Carlisle, PA in Malawi and Zambia, we are on to the next trip: Kampala, Uganda!!
Travelling with some crazy people LOL
              GG Church building of Nansana, in Kampala

Straight ahead: Christian School and building to the right : Children of Grace orphanage dorms!

Team Kenya singing!

Pr Sam and Pr Scibelli

             Children of Grace Orphanage, Nansana, Uganda

Missions night Session!


Ugandan GG Women's conference 2014 - yes it started in the kitchen pilling Matoke!

                     Then on to the high school classroom!

Pr Isaac and Ida!

Maclean and Anna
Marriage seminar

Children of Grace Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda about 1 hour away of Kampala!

Orphanage land!!!!

Pr Daniel Seruma's wife and daughter graduated from Bible College!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pr Scibelli with Pr Daniel

                                Children of Grace, Mityana

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    Michelle Benoit