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Serving our generation

Hello and thanks for your continual prayers and support, God said that David had served his generation (Acts 13:36), I thought about what that means for us today. Recently, our beloved evangelist, America’s pastor, Billy Graham went home to be with the Lord. He is a great example of a man who served his generation. As I went on a visit of one of our first time visitors, this principle was so evident. In our church in Malawi, we have a practice of visiting any first time visitor’s home. One of our visitors was a man named Golden. He wasn’t comfortable with us visiting his house right away, so he opted for us to all meet at a local hotel. Upon arrival we found ourselves with Stanley, our church member who invited Golden to church, and two other friends of Stanley. Stanly is a gatherer. He has invited 5 friends to church. Serving your generation is stepping into the plan that God sets before you. God had set before me these 4 men who wanted to hear a Word from God. Anyone can serve their …