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4 memorable occasions

On our past bus trip to Malawi we announced that Greater Grace Church provided the entertainment on the bus freely; we then proceeded to show them “Fireproof “ and “Courageous” (The Christian films from Sherwood Bible Church). Fireproof was very effective. People were overwhelmed with the story of self-sacrificial love in a marriage. Many asked us for copies of the films. Our time in Lilongwe was no different, God breathed on our every word. We met with our brethren there 3 different times: two times outside in front of the Post Office and the third at one brother Clifford’s house. Each time we were amazed at people’s hunger for the Word of God. We spoke about Grace not being just a characteristic of God but encompassing His entire nature. Livingstone Trip The other memorable occasion was the arrival of Pr. Scibelli for his trip here. What was particularly branding was seeing the same Clifford whose house we had visited a week earlier now visiting us here in Lusaka and experiencing Body…