October 27, 2012

4 memorable occasions

On our past bus trip to Malawi we announced that Greater Grace Church provided the entertainment on the bus freely; we then proceeded to show them “Fireproof “ and “Courageous” (The Christian films from Sherwood Bible Church). Fireproof was very effective. People were overwhelmed with the story of self-sacrificial love in a marriage. Many asked us for copies of the films. Our time in Lilongwe was no different, God breathed on our every word. We met with our brethren there 3 different times: two times outside in front of the Post Office and the third at one brother Clifford’s house. Each time we were amazed at people’s hunger for the Word of God. We spoke about Grace not being just a characteristic of God but encompassing His entire nature. 
Livingstone Trip
The other memorable occasion was the arrival of Pr. Scibelli for his trip here. What was particularly branding was seeing the same Clifford whose house we had visited a week earlier now visiting us here in Lusaka and experiencing Body life. Every October we do a men’s leadership conference. This year was amazing because we brought 30 men (along with my family and the Speedy’s family) to the 4-month-old Livingstone church. Clifford was sponging all the life that he could from Pr. Scibelli and the Zambian leaders.  All in all, Clifford spent a week and a half here in Zambia; but the eternal value of the fellowship…priceless.
        Church of Livingstone


The 3rd memorable occasion was on a sad note, but glorious nonetheless.  A few weeks ago we lost a young man and heaven gained him. He had conviction, focus, and divine love. God brought him home. His father died last year and he followed at only age 17. The night he died, his last words to his Mom were to keep going forward, keep attending church, go to the South African conference. He said, "I will be fine, I am going to see my Dad..." A few minutes later he stepped into eternity. His name was Zienzo Kunda. His mother and two sisters who are left behind were full of faith and so strong. The funeral was incredible; I think it was the most anointed funeral I have ever attended. Usually Zambian funerals have a lot of commotion involving drinking at the gravesite and other distractions. There was none of that. Over 400 people attended, 300 of which were his fellow students. I was amazed at what an impact his life had, and to us he seemed quiet and shy. I am overwhelmed, what a precious young man, what a Savior that transforms us.


Lastly, there was an incredible divine appointment, the kind that you have few times in your life. The world calls them coincidences, but God has a purpose for them. The other day I was with my family in the local Supermarket, and from a distance, I saw a man with a Zeke’s Coffee T-shirt (from Baltimore). I began to walk over to him and introduce myself as a fellow Baltimore native. Instantly I recognized him and my brain began a deep search from where we had met each other. Then I remembered, we were in the same Biology class in Baltimore Community College 10 years ago. Not only were we in the same class of about 30 people, but we were Lab partners as well. I recalled even witnessing to him. We exchanged phone numbers and he told me he has been in Lusaka for 6 years.  We must have past each other a number of times in the last 4 years that we have been here. I was overwhelmed because a little over a year ago Dave Petersen (a great friend from Baltimore) also met a fellow classmate that he hadn’t seen for 10 years while visiting here in Zambia. It also was a few stores over. It seems like Lusaka is haven for former classmates or even more so, that God is a God of the miraculous.

 Pr Scibelli with Callia and Poema-Oct 12

        Pastors/Wives Lunch with Pr Scibelli-Lusaka, Zambia

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