October 24, 2014

Malawi's first conference with Pr Scibelli and on to Lusaka, Zambia....

                                                                             MALAWICON 2014

                 And on to Lusaka, with one stop for Ice cream on the way...
On the way to Lusaka, we discovered that they are re-doing the roads - which is a great thing btw- but the only road (for a while) was the dirt one that you see here...can you imagine going on a road like this for hours, this is the main road to the capital of Zambia lol and it will take them a few years to finish considering the trip is about 12 hours!

We also had good roads  (good for african standards), thank God!

Pr Belias' School (GG Pastor in Lusaka) : Fipelua Private School. He opened the Christian School about 5 years ago on his house property and built all the classrooms himself around his property wall! Now he has about 300 students - nursery to 7th grade.

Saturday: Relationship Seminar

Our GG Church of Emmasdale in Lusaka has opened the first Greater Grace Christian Academy of Southern Africa -ONE LOVE ACADEMY- WITH ABOUT 25 STUDENTS SO FAR!

                                 Women Seminar 2014 - Lusaka Zambia
Preparing the traditional zambian food: Nshima (made w Maize)
The church ladies, hard at work, cooking for all our church people - want some chicken, anyone?

October 13, 2014

Healing of Grace

Here is one picture before we are on our way to Zambia for yet another few conferences :)
This one is from our first conference in Malawi: Malawicon 2014