Lake Malawi
March 2018

P.O'Brien and Thloki's Wedding - Dec 16 2017 - South Africa


Children of Malawi

This is a little testimony of an important part of my life. Hope you enjoy reading it.

When I was small I remember my father used to take pictures of us, my brothers and I, a lot of my moms;), of nature and weddings as well and I used to follow him around...I was young but I can remember him going in his dark room and coming out with  these amazing pictures.  My father was a great person, a fervent christian and photographer and such great memories I have of him.  God gave him his wings in 1992, I was 14, waaaaay to early but God had a plan, I know that now, and He is faithful to keep us. Because of my dad, my mom and brothers ended up on the mission field  in 1995, in Romania!
My dad and Thomas (One of my 3 brothers)
Well because of his influence, since I was a teenager I started holding a camera and taking pictures of everything around me. And I know as long as I live Photography will be a passion of mine. Friends and family around me started asking me to take their pictures: of  their weddings of their children, their special events... well anyways, I can say since I was 15 years old I have built a portfolio (the old fashion portfolio, not digital lol) :)
And on here my digital photos from all around the world. I hope you can enjoy:)

         Montpellier, FRANCE

My flamingos and sunset series - SOUTH OF FRANCE

                                                                                                  Malawi, AFRICA

Malawi 2015

Malawi Oct 13

Weddings 2005-09

Les Arenes de Nimes

Kids Pics - 2006