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Ghana Conference 2012! YEBO-O!

"The Wonders of Grace"
After much prayers and a financial miracle, we decided that Chris would go to Ghana this year. We have been living in Zambia for a few years now and one of our prayers has been to be able to visit others countries on the African continent and especially during conferences. Ghana has always been on Chris' heart as he lived there during his Bible College years and it is where he got his call to become a Pastor. Well last time He and I were there was when we got engaged (9 years ago) and we had been wanting to go back for a visit. After all these years Chris was back in West Africa!
So there they are, some of his pictures-taken with his blackberry- of the Conference and trips around the country of Ghana. It was the 25th year anniversary conference with Pastor Scibelli and Pr Schaller.