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Christmas and New Years Greetings from the “Warm Heart of Africa – Malawi.”

We are overcome with great Thankfulness for what God has done in the last month and for your prayers, love, and support. What has happened with the birth of the Greater Grace Church of Malawi is nothing short of miraculous. Ezra 8:18 characterizes what we are experiencing, “the good hand of God is upon us…”

Since our last newsletter God had done so much, we received our work permits as well as a tax clearance letter for our household goods. We spent a week in early December fixing the plumbing on the house and visiting future church members. While Pr. Albert, Pr. Belias, and I worked, Julie had the task of watching the kids and selling the car (in a foreign country). Amazingly, with 2 kids in tow, Julie was able to sell the car – what a hero of God’s faithfulness.
As we returned, our next task was to move our things. Although we had an agreement with a truck driver to add our household things to his load, he wouldn’t return our calls. After a few days of frustrating phone tag, we fou…

4 memorable occasions

On our past bus trip to Malawi we announced that Greater Grace Church provided the entertainment on the bus freely; we then proceeded to show them “Fireproof “ and “Courageous” (The Christian films from Sherwood Bible Church). Fireproof was very effective. People were overwhelmed with the story of self-sacrificial love in a marriage. Many asked us for copies of the films. Our time in Lilongwe was no different, God breathed on our every word. We met with our brethren there 3 different times: two times outside in front of the Post Office and the third at one brother Clifford’s house. Each time we were amazed at people’s hunger for the Word of God. We spoke about Grace not being just a characteristic of God but encompassing His entire nature. Livingstone Trip The other memorable occasion was the arrival of Pr. Scibelli for his trip here. What was particularly branding was seeing the same Clifford whose house we had visited a week earlier now visiting us here in Lusaka and experiencing Body…

September Sessions

It has been 2 weeks that we have been back and have jumped right in to all that is going on here, as well as, preparing for the move to Malawi. Upon arriving, I received the whole story of how our church constitution in Malawi was approved and it was such an encouragement of how miraculous it was. Also, I want to thank the two men who worked so hard to make it happen, Pr. Albert Ntalasha and Pr. Enock Muchindu. These men are heroes of God's Faithfulness. We plan on making two more trips to Malawi before moving there. The first trip will be this Wednesday. Pr. Renaldo will accompany Pr. Albert, Pr. Enock, and I. We are believing God to start a bank account for the church, which can be somewhat challenging with alot of paperwork and to begin looking for housing and a room for the church. We really have it in our hearts to be in the same Community center that we have had all our previous Bible studies in.The manager of that building is Mr. Sakala, and we are praying that space will be…

In the Footsteps of Paul...

On our way to Zambia we visited Chris' mom  in Mytilene, Greece on the Island of Lesvos, where the Apostle Paul went for a visit in the Capital City of Mytilene, Acts 20:14...
This Church was built where it is believed that the Apostle Paul preached. - Mytilene.

The Native Island of Chris' Mother where she grew up, before moving to America when she was 12 years old and moved back to about 25 years ago.
This is quite of an exceptional Island, it is about 5 miles off the Coast of Turkey near where the Church of Pergamos used to be. Rev.2:12...  We had a great view of the Agean sea with the Coastline of Turkey from the house where we stayed and from anywhere on the road on the east coast of the Island.....

                                     Downtown Mytilene

                      We can see the Coast of Turkey!

And Poema's 4th Birthday happened when we were on the Island!     The Girls with their Yaya -Chris' mom:)

My mom (who came from southern France) met us on the way to be …

Praise Report!

Last week God really answered our prayers... the two pastors that have been travelling with me to Malawi, Pr Albert Ntalasha and Pr Enoch Muchindu, went a 7th time to Lilongwe to finalize our church constitution. Because of the recent passing of the Malawian president, things have been tumultuous in its government administration. The church registration that we submitted was delayed because of a change of cabinet members. But after this past trip and the persistance of our pastors,
God blessed us with our approved church registration!!!
At the same time, we also submitted our paperwork for our residency permits which will permit us to live in Malawi. In all, the trip was for two weeks which also gave the oppurtunity to visit with our future church members. Pr. Albert and Pr. Enoch had a great time visiting and even having an informal church service with disciples in front of the main Post Office. We wanted to thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. God has great things in …

News from the US

I am writing you at the close of our International Convention in Baltimore. We have truly been overwhelmed with joy in this past week. For one week the Church in Baltimore with all GG Churches, missionaries and foreign nationals-that were able to come- from all corners of the world converge in one plaza and look to God for insight and inspiration.

Saturday night was a perfect culmination. The two messages that closed the conference were dripping with anointing and impetus. Pr. Morrisson and Pr. Schaller spoke on counting everything loss in life to win Christ and finding the pearl of great price which is Christ. Our hearts are so thankful to God, that we are a part of such a spiritual family. Pr. Schaller mentioned that we value our fellowship so much that we tread carefully with our words so as not to quench the Holy Spirit. As I looked at Pr. Stan Collins in Peru, Pr. Anil and Devendre in India, Pr. Veader here in Baltimore, and really everyone; I thought of Luke 3:16 where John said …

A Life of Surrender

Jim Elliot said it, "Missionaries are very human folks just doing what they’re asked. Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody."
Don’t think for one second that our sacrifices are any harder than yours. there are not.
And since I view every Christian believer as a missionary, wherever they happen to live, we are just a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt our beloved Somebody.
The truth is, we all, if we are living a life surrendered to His will, have our own crosses to bear. Our own sacrifices to make. They all look different, but they all feel very much the same. And most of those sacrifices, no matter where we live on the globe are mostly made up of those small moments woven in.
Someone asked me, “What does a life of sacrifice look like? What exactly does living in surrender mean?”
I think a life of surrender means being so in love with our Savior that we willingly fling up our hands and te…

Picture of the week :)

We've been back in Baltimore for a week now and Chris brought our girls to their 1st Judo Tournament at Sensei Mike Veader's Dojo! They had a great time and won their first metals! Ha!

Lusaka and beyond...

We just wanted to say Thank You for all your thoughts, prayers, and support. April and May are probably some of our fastest months here. April marks our annual conference, which is now the seventh conference we have had. God was so faithful this year with the conference. We had our greatest number of attendees yet with close to 500 attending. Pr. Scibelli led a group from the US including Pr. Ray and Brenda Kosioleck and Craig Awad. Our sister church in Pretoria, South Africa really encouraged us by bringing 22 people by land and air. There was an amazing spirit of unity and joy as we listened to God’s Word. Another miracle that God did was to bring one couple from Malawi to the conference. Clifford and Ruth Kaliwo are brethren that we have been with for the past 2 years of visiting Malawi. Every time we visit they are right there with us and help gather other believers when we have meetings. It was truly the hand of God that made it possible for them to come and see a taste of what G…