July 03, 2012

News from the US

I am writing you at the close of our International Convention in Baltimore. We have truly been overwhelmed with joy in this past week. For one week the Church in Baltimore with all GG Churches, missionaries and foreign nationals-that were able to come- from all corners of the world converge in one plaza and look to God for insight and inspiration.


Saturday night was a perfect culmination. The two messages that closed the conference were dripping with anointing and impetus. Pr. Morrisson and Pr. Schaller spoke on counting everything loss in life to win Christ and finding the pearl of great price which is Christ. Our hearts are so thankful to God, that we are a part of such a spiritual family. Pr. Schaller mentioned that we value our fellowship so much that we tread carefully with our words so as not to quench the Holy Spirit. As I looked at Pr. Stan Collins in Peru, Pr. Anil and Devendre in India, Pr. Veader here in Baltimore, and really everyone; I thought of Luke 3:16 where John said that he was not worthy to unloose the shoe of Christ. That is the kind of reverence we can have for each other. Each member is so sacred because they are a member of Christ's body. And Christ would tell us thank you for cloathing me or feeding me like in Matt 25:40.

 Convention 2012: "To live is Christ"

After a week like this, I have the longing for the day when it will be a heavenly convention and we will have a new fellowship that is beyond borders and geographical barries. But truly we had that same fellowship. My wife, family, and I had the great privilege of visiting the Greater Grace Church of Pretoria, South Africa, as well as travelling to the southern part of South Africa to visit some friends/workmates who are also amazing believers as well. The church there is vibrant, healthy, teaming with love and fellowship. It was a pre-convention warm up for us: Bible college classes carrying on into the night, fun times of evangelism with the sketchboard on the streets, Barbecueing and the Word 9what a combo) with litterally the whole church at Pr. Jabulani's house...amazing.

We have a eternal expectation for the rest of the summer for visiting a number of our branch ministries, working, and plugging into the Baltimore schedule. While we are here, Pr. Albert is in Kitwe, filling in for Pr. Adam Speedy, and gaining great experience leading a ministry. His uncle, Pr. Bernard is with his team getting established in the opposite direction in the south of the country really ministering to the people of Livingstone. They just emailed us that they are starting two new Bible studies in people's homes in two of the biggest neighborhoods of the city. Pr. Belias, Pr. Enoch, and Pr. Mervin are at the helm of the church in Emmansdale, Lusaka; while Pr. Tembo(Lilanda), Pr. Paul (Ngombe), Pr. Nelson (Chawama), and Pr. Martin (Kanyama) are going forward in the other four churches in the city (with their respective areas).

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, job oppurtunities given, love, encouragement. We truly get to witness the power of prayer in action. Your prayers move mountains, open doors, bring divine contacts, and deliver lives. We continue to ask for them.

Please Pray as we believe God for:

- Our church constitution to be processed in Malawi

- Our summer in the US -for the next month and a half-, travelling mercies visiting churches, our health, for the purchase of our tickets back to Zambia

- Our residence visas for Malawi

- That 2 or 3 Malawians could come for the Leadership conference with Pr. Scibelli in October

- That we would be led to God's place where He wants us to live and have church

- For our Move in November and all the details that go along with piling all our stuff in a truck and moving it into another country

God Bless You



More pics of our trip to South Africa and the churches there on the following post:)

    Poema and Callia in George,South Africa and Chris got to surf in the Indian Ocean for his birthday

We got to visit the Garden Route about 14 hours south of Pretoria on the coast of SA and also meet with some of Chris' summer co-workers who are from that area:)
Chris' birthday celebration at some friends house in Wilderness, South Africa
Beautiful sunset right outside their house
        Johan and Anita-our wonderful hosts in George:)




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