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Wow February has really flown by and is almost behind us.. “Where does the time go?” Thank God we have found a way to redeem it and invest in our eternal future-give our time back to God (Ps 31:15). Often we don’t see the results of that investment, but we trust by faith that God is increasing our spiritual portfolio. This month we are in the thick of Bible college. To think about it, Bible college is the crux of our ministry: It disciples our church members, gives the team great structure, and is a service to our community of other believers as we invite them to come learn for free. Our Bible school this term is bursting at the seams; we are filled to capacity. We have about 70 students, half of which are from the church (in fact, most of the church is enrolled). Of those students not from our church, we have about 10 different churches represented from all different denominational backgrounds. Its amazing to see how much we need an anointing; the whole school senses it. This is wh…