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Malawi Christmas and a Fruitful New Year

As preparations were made for our trip to Malawi this month, we knew we were bathed in prayer from people around the world for the registration of a new church in Lilongwe. This whole month we could see God’s hand in so many aspects:

We had the unexpected visit from 2 disciples from Malawi. 3 weeks ago we received a call Sunday morning before church from our friend Clifford who said he was at the bus station. It didn’t click right away that this was one of the men who has come to every Bible Study that we have held in Malawi over the past two years. He came with a friend to work for 3 weeks in Lusaka. So starting that first day he and his friend Frank were with us getting a taste of what Greater Grace was like with the church services and Bible College as well.

-Church Registration. Registration of a church is always an adventure because every country’s rules are different. So we had a game plan going into Malawi, but at the same time we also were prepared to be flexible. As Pr. Alber…