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Merry Christmas to you from Malawi from our Family to you and yours.

As this year draws to a close, we are continually thankful to be blessed with such amazing friends. To be in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers is a blessing that can never be measured; yet we see the results here everyday. Here are some recent stories from people in our church and Bible school that really encouraged us.    The first example is from our own family. Today as we sat for prayer with Julie and Pr. Albert I could hear our children playing in their room in the background. They were singing worship and praise songs. That brought a smile to my face and later I asked them what game they were playing. They responded, “church”. I came to find that they had built a stage with Legos and were making their Barbies lead the Worship service. What a great encouragement to see God make His way into their little lives. I can imagine Jesus right there in their midst smiling with them as they glorify God with their joy.    I think again of a visit we made to one of our church members …