September 14, 2012

In the Footsteps of Paul...

On our way to Zambia we visited Chris' mom  in Mytilene, Greece on the Island of Lesvos, where the Apostle Paul went for a visit in the Capital City of Mytilene, Acts 20:14...
This Church was built where it is believed that the Apostle Paul preached. - Mytilene.

The Native Island of Chris' Mother where she grew up, before moving to America when she was 12 years old and moved back to about 25 years ago.
This is quite of an exceptional Island, it is about 5 miles off the Coast of Turkey near where the Church of Pergamos used to be. Rev.2:12...  We had a great view of the Agean sea with the Coastline of Turkey from the house where we stayed and from anywhere on the road on the east coast of the Island.....

                                     Downtown Mytilene

                      We can see the Coast of Turkey!

And Poema's 4th Birthday happened when we were on the Island!
    The Girls with their Yaya -Chris' mom:)

My mom (who came from southern France) met us on the way to be with us

                     Us with my mom

And Now after a long trip (about 8 planes in all) we are back in Zambia for the next few months before the big move to Malawi!

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