September 23, 2012

September Sessions

It has been 2 weeks that we have been back and have jumped right in to all that is going on here, as well as, preparing for the move to Malawi.
Upon arriving, I received the whole story of how our church constitution in Malawi was approved and it was such an encouragement of how miraculous it was. Also, I want to thank the two men who worked so hard to make it happen, Pr. Albert Ntalasha and Pr. Enock Muchindu. These men are heroes of God's Faithfulness.
We plan on making two more trips to Malawi before moving there. The first trip will be this Wednesday. Pr. Renaldo will accompany Pr. Albert, Pr. Enock, and I. We are believing God to start a bank account for the church, which can be somewhat challenging with alot of paperwork and to begin looking for housing and a room for the church. We really have it in our hearts to be in the same Community center that we have had all our previous Bible studies in.  The manager of that building is Mr. Sakala, and we are praying that space will be available there for us to start renting to have Church and Bible College. We are also praying to move to a residential area that is close to the center of town called Area 3. There is a real demand for housing in this area so we are believing God for a miracle, but the Bible says that we have not because we ask not. So we are putting these prayer requests out in specifics so you know what and how to pray and then we trust God.
Visitation is such a vital part of church life. Today we visited a precious couple in the church that has been with us since the early days of the church here. Davis and Pricilla got married at our April conference four years ago by Pr. Scibelli. They had recently moved and wanted us to see their new place. Their new place is about a mile from the biggest market in the country and Saturday is market day. It was awesome… Definitely a “TIA – This Is Africa” story.
As we approached the road to the market we found gridlock traffic about a quarter mile before the turn. We thought a dignitary was passing or a huge accident…no just City Market. There is a four way traffic light which people heed when it suits their schedule or to avoid an accident. That causes a four lane traffic jam in a two lane road. Amazingly, there are no accidents or pedestrians killed, but mini buses are cutting each other off and there is a symphony of horn blasts. After a half hour we made it through the laberinth of cars past City Market to meet Davis at a gas station around the corner of his house.
 “Where have you guys been, I’ve been waiting for you, “ he says. We just smiled and nodded. We walked into his 3 room house greeted Pricilla and had great fellowship. Oh how valuable! Talking about what God has done, reminiscing about God’s faithfulness; worth even braving the traffic of the DC beltway. After an hour, we said our goodbyes, prayed for the house (the code for we have to leave now in Zambia), and went right back the way we came, praising God, lowing as we went (1Sam 6:12).
           On our way throught Lusaka traffic and Market area..
                  Precious friends from the Church, Davis and Piscilla and son Emmanuel


  We are asking for your prayers for this precious family who just lost their teenage son tonight (sunday)here in Zambia. Their lost their father last year and this family is so precious to the body of Christ here. God has a plan. Pray for his mom Olipa and two sisters, Dorothy and Natasha from the church of Lilanda. Thank you.
                                 Zienzo Kunda

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