February 12, 2012

Go Chipolopolo!

Real Chipolopolo supporters:)

If the Superbowl represented America's national team against the rest of North and South America, that is the type of excitement that Zambia is experiencing right now. Zambia's national football (soccer) team, Chipolopolo (the copper bullets), has made it to the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. It has been over two decades since the team has gone this far. Streets have been filled with whistle blowing, vuvusela blowers (plastic trumpets), and colorful dresses and shirts donning the national colors. It is not uncommon to see people driving down Cairo Road (our main street) fans standing on the roofs of their cars waving flags (thankfully not driving too fast). It has been like an ongoing  parade for the past two weeks.  Many of the church members are wearing there national team shirts or national colors.  Its been quite an experience and we have jumped into it head first. The game will be tonight Sunday at 9pm, we will let you know the outcome. One thing that we are sure of is that whether they win or lose, tomorrow will be a day off or even made a national holiday! :D

Well, Zambia is CHAMPION of the Africa Cup of Nations! 8-7 against Ivory-Coast! What a game!