January 23, 2014

Our New Year's pictures of the month

Playing "Chipball' with our visitors from South Africa, Antoni and Pr Enock from Zambia

Us with George (a malawian who was a student at GGIS Budapest)

Matt Roberge's visit! Yes we put him to work with our blue guitar Lol
Matt leading the worship team with some English songs they know

 Matt known as "Is it true" singer by some of our church members sang it LIVE at our Sunday morning service (Matt had sang it at Zamcon 2013.)
 Outreach with Sketchboard and concert!

Our new "pet" from our back yard. 

 Don't worry we let it free after playing/torturing it, lol for a few hours :)

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  1. Great pictures Pastor Chris, it reminds me of Lusaka early days, looks like its really breaking out. You are a great pastor. Do you have alink to your facebook on your site? For those that are that way..