March 09, 2012

This past week in pictures...

Julie's surprise birthday party...

Sarah with Liliana, Julie and Monia (Julie's friend from SA) holding Kezia, Callia and Poema

At the Ghanaian High commissioner's Party, celebrating the country of Ghana's 55th Independance...

Charity and Pr Renaldo singing the Ghanaian national anthem!

The Armans and the Browns.

The Ambassador of Ghana in Zambia!(Far left)

Door knocking in Emmasdale compound...

Just yesterday, on our family visitation day...
Finally we made it to the TEMBOS' house: Pr. Edward and his wife, Justina and their daughter Miracle!

Justina is making our fav! Pumpkin leaves!

The girls playing with their friends!

Yes, we were the attraction of the day and it just happened that it was a day off from school:)

What Justina prepared for us: Nshima, Beef stew and Chiwawa (Pumpkin leaves)! Yum!

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