February 28, 2015

Greetings Everyone!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We had a huge turnout for our 2015 Bible College Semester.
 120 students registered! We are bursting at the seems...people hanging out of windows and sitting outside. It also seems that we are close to moving into a new place. 

After looking at a number of places and some falling through. It seems that we have two serious choices. We are asking God for wisdom and His choice that will benifit the church. Church life has also been amazing. We have seen 3 different marriages brought back together. It is so encouraging. We also took on our first orphan as a church. Matthews, who is a teenager, was living with the government group we are doing Christian Education and Youth Ministry with. For whatever reason, they refused to allow him to live in the dormitory and he was forced on to the streets. With prayerful consideration, we placed him in a home of one of our church members and Bible school students. Like being in a dorm, Matthews comes to Bible college and church services and is continuing his highschool education.
We ask you would keep praying for us...your prayers are powerful. We are believing God to bring 15-20 of us to the Zambian conference. We have been announcing the trip for a year, but the $80 roundtrip ticket is still outside many people's budget. We are believing God for a miracle.

God bless You!

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